Saporini leather colors



Saporini is a leader in the design and manufacture of luxurious Italian sofas. Where others simply follow trends, we inspire with spectacular finishes, innovative design and unparalleled attention to quality standards.
Over thirty years of experience has seen Saporini transform furniture craftsmanship into an art form, blending aesthetic innovation with observance of tradition. Saporini sofas are 100% Italian designed and manufactured in Matera, southern Italy.

We use genuine top grain cowhides on all our suites. As a result you may see scratches, insect bites and scarring. These are not defects, but in fact confirm that this is a high quality top grain hide. There will be a distinct leather smell when you first receive your lounge, which will soon disappear over time. It is not recommended that armrests and tops of backrests are used for seating. These structures are designed for their intended purpose only and may not sustain excessive weight. Abuse of your suite may invalidate your warranty.

All structural parts of our frames are made of a combination of multilayer plywood and solid wood. Corner blocks ubiquitously placed to ensure extra strength and durability.

All legs and applications are polished metal, designed by our expert team and realized specifically for individual models.

To ensure longevity of our premium products avoid placing your suite in direct sunlight or close to heat sources as this can fade and dry out the leather, causing it to crack or rapidly deteriorate. Some medications and radium treatments, through perspiration, can cause leather to deteriorate and/or discolour. Some medications specify this; if unsure, consult your health care professional. Pets can leave oils from their fur on the leather, which can cause the surface and colour to deteriorate. It is highly recommended you do not let your pets on the leather lounge.

Over time, your suite may show signs of use. Springs, foams, webbing, fillings and the leather itself will soften and loosen over time, and the associated “comfort creases” may appear. Like an expensive jacket or pair of shoes, leather will ‘wear in’ rather than wear out. This is considered normal for a leather sofa.

5 YEAR frame warranty - All frames (all materials that hold the structure of the lounge) are warranted for a period of 5 years. This warranty does not cover accidental damage from moving the lounge and/or commercial application.

3 YEAR fillings warranty - All fillings, webbing, stitching and springs are warranted for a period of 3 years. Warranty does not cover accidental damage, improper use, improper cleaning and/or commercial application. On pillow top design lounges, loss of resilience in foams, webbing and filling is a normal part of these designs and is not covered by warranty.

3 YEAR leather coverings - All leather coverings are warranted for a period of 3 years. This warranty does not cover accidental or deliberate damage through misuse or incorrect care. Regular cleaning and maintenance as listed in the care instructions is required to keep this warranty valid.

Saporini sofas are 100% Italian designed and manufactured in Matera, Southern Italy.

In keeping with evolving style, Saporini employs the finest materials and the latest in both modern and classic design technique. Our master upholsterers create with a flair for interpretation, according to their own unique styles. A Saporini product is unmistakable, exuding a refined sophistication and elegance that will complement any room setting.